Beauty in the Inner Sanctuary

“The inner sanctuary he prepared in the innermost part of the house, to set there the ark of the covenant of the LORD. He overlaid it with pure gold. And the whole altar that belonged to the inner sanctuary he overlaid with gold.” 1 Kings 6:19-20,22-23,27-28

There is something about the design and construction of God’s temple that fascinates and lifts my heart. Through the ages, churches and cathedrals have been constructed to lift the eyes upward, to make the soul soar in worship as the buttresses and altar rise heavenward. The intricate beauty in design and execution, the details that showed exquisite care, the fine elements used to build, all reflected God’s magnificence. Solomon’s attention given to the inner sanctuary particularly hushes me, as I see in its perfect shape and resplendence a reminder of the attention I must give to my inner sanctuary, my heart where my LORD dwells.

Oh God, You are worthy of lofty thought and exaltation! You are the One Who sanctifies me and is the sanctuary in my midst forever. Make me attentive to all the clutter I allow in my inner sanctuary, to the low living, crude expenditures of time, meaningless distractions I allow in personal worship, and purify me through and through. Help me tend to my time and place with You and give it my very best, in honor of You and for Your glory. (Ezekiel 37:38)

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