All My Springs

“All my springs are in you.” Psalm 87:7

Our room today, with full glass wall, looks out on a great grey rock face lined with dozens of white waterfalls, rushing out of the mountain falling with beauty beyond description. The vertical stone seems softened in spots where trees cling like moss, damp clouds hover along, and the falls keep rushing, down, down, tiered liquid and foam in exultant spray. Oh God, my immovable, unchanging Rock of Ages, You pour forth springs of living water, Your bountiful Spirit, with lavish abandon for all who thirst!

What is it I lack today? All my springs are in Him! Where do I need wisdom, hope, desire, stamina, a song? All my springs are in Him! In what area am I confounded, or distressed, or disappointed, or spent? All my springs are in Him! And the water Jesus gives never stops flowing, but wells up in me to eternal life. (John 4:14)

My God, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Keep me partaking of You consistently that I may keep on in Your will, and may overflow to others. (Psalm 61:2)

One thought on “All My Springs”

  1. Love this, Pamela! Want it framed! A great reminder of what we have in Jesus…all we could ever hope or imagine! I miss you. Celeste >


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