What Daily Does

Command the people of Israel and say to them, ‘My offering, my food for my food offerings, my pleasing aroma, you shall be careful to offer to me at its appointed time. This is the food offering that you shall offer to the Lord: two male lambs a year old without blemish, day by day, as a regular offering. The one lamb you shall offer in the morning, and the other lamb you shall offer at twilight; also a tenth of an ephah of fine flour for a grain offering, mixed with a quarter of a hin of beaten oil. It is a regular burnt offering, which was ordained at Mount Sinai for a pleasing aroma, a food offering to the Lord. Its drink offering shall be a quarter of a hin for each lamb. In the Holy Place you shall pour out a drink offering of strong drink to the Lord. The other lamb you shall offer at twilight… as a food offering, with a pleasing aroma to the Lord. On the Sabbath day, two male lambs a year old without blemish, and two tenths of an ephah of fine flour for a grain offering, mixed with oil, and its drink offering… At the beginnings of your months, you shall offer a burnt offering to the Lord.” Numbers 28:2-9,11

The many offerings described in the book of Numbers have varied significances for the people of Israel. Note their daily- and deliberate-ness. They are regular, measured, and orderly; they are comprised of ordinary necessities (food and drink) and are therefore sacrificial; they are self-giving as they render to God a pleasing aroma. The Lord is prescribing for His children a God-oriented life, knowing this is His design for full delight in and dependence on Him.

Sheep looking through fence, South Africa

Every breath, every moment, every taste, every sip, every pleasure, is a gift from Jehovah Jireh, the Provider. How often do I turn the calendar, take a bite or drink, indulge in a routine pleasure, without even thinking of the Giver of these good gifts of sustenance and delight? The Lord wisely established a daily pattern of gratitude and acknowledging the Source of every aspect of their lives, and calls us to the same today. Morning and evening, make an offering. Yield, give praise, surrender, keep the rhythm. (James 1:17)

If at the start and end of each day we set apart Christ in our hearts as holy and honored Lord, offering ourselves as living sacrifices unto His will, we orient our outlook, affections, and efforts in a heavenly direction. We enthrone our Maker, and grow in desire to walk with and please Him. We open our hands and schedules in availability to Him, owning that He is Master. We take into account what He has entrusted to us, and offer it as stewards back to Him for divine use and fruitful distribution. (Romans 12:1-2; Colossians 3:1-2; 1 Peter 3:15)

Daily ritual need not be rote or meaningless. Instead, like the consistent Old Testament offerings, it can be a substantive, pungent, even visceral relinquishing of self unto the pleasure and honor of our Lord. What am I hoarding that God desires as an offering?

Lord, break down the fences I’ve selfishly constructed, and open my heart in glad offering of my all, for Your glory and delight.


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