Divine Garments

“Bless the Lord, O my soul!
    O Lord my God, you are very great!
You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
  covering yourself with light as with a garment,
    stretching out the heavens like a tent.” Psalm 104:1-2

“Your robes are all fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia.” Psalm 45:8

“And a great crowd followed him and thronged about him.  And there was a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years,  and who had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but rather grew worse. She had heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment. For she said, ‘If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.’  And immediately the flow of blood dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease.  And Jesus, perceiving in himself that power had gone out from him, immediately turned about in the crowd and said, ‘Who touched my garments?’ And his disciples said to him, ‘You see the crowd pressing around you, and yet you say, “Who touched me?”’ And he looked around to see who had done it. But the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling and fell down before him and told him the whole truth.  And he said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.’” Mark 5:21-34

“He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God.” Revelation 19:13

It’s easy to diminish the Almighty into a human, and in some ways, rightfully so. The Son of God condescended to take on flesh as Son of Man, to become for us the perfect atoning sacrifice. He is indeed our Brother and Friend, yet He is also wholly other. Spiritually, He wears splendor and glory and the fragrance of love. Physically, He wore clothing that carried holy power. Always exhibiting a mysterious blend of human and heavenly, even the most banal of our Lord exuded divine characteristics. He is the Lord, there is no other (Isaiah 45:5,21-22; John 15:15; Hebrews 2:11-12; 10:9-10; 1 John 2:2)

When we think on Jesus, let us never forget He is far more than just like us. Beware reducing His resplendent Being to a chum in casual garb, a comrade who winks at crudeness or sloth, or joins us in gossip or complaining. He came in the flesh so we could live above it- bound by it physically yet heavenly-minded, Christ-like in behavior, and full of light. His garments are ours to approach, and touch, to be changed. (Hebrews 2:17)

Would we draw close to take in the scent of Christ’s robes of righteousness? Would we linger near and long enough to hear His voice, bask in His light, and learn the texture of His language and mannerisms? Would we cling to His supernatural cloak for spiritual guidance and strength? What healing of soul, attitude, or body do we need? (Isaiah 61:10)

Transcendent Lord, cloaked in majesty and splendor, adorn me in Your garments of grace. May my life exalt Your beauty and power.

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